Services provided


Translation (English, German & Spanish -> French)
  • Technical documentation (materials or product specifications, equipment user manuals, research, reports, etc.)
  • Sales literature (brochures, websites, etc.)

Language consulting

Language consulting (English, German & Spanish)
  • Language or cultural training
  • Linguistic documentation (glossary building)
  • Review of written correspondence (emails, etc.)

Areas of expertise

  • Corporate and institutional websites
  • Quality assurance documentation, customer claims correspondence, HACCP documents, audit forms
  • Organoleptic analyses for wines
  • Additives and raw materials specifications (flavourings, texturing agents, stabilizers, dairy ingredients, sugars, fruits, etc.), and packaging (carton, glass, plastic, etc.)
  • Food product labels, restaurant menus
  • Industrial equipment user manuals (metal detector, packaging machine, etc.)
  • R&D reports
  • Sharing and transfer of know-how (agricultural field tests, etc.)
  • Technical inspections (quality assurance audits, equipment servicing, etc.)
  • Sales trips

Rates and delivery turnaround

Please contact me for rates and delivery times for the services above. In accordance with the code of conduct of the French Society of Translators (SFT), I only accept assignments that I consider to be within my capabilities. My rates are based on the urgency and technical difficulty of the service you require. A quote will be prepared based on the samples and/or documents you have provided.

Past projects

My clients require me to keep their documents confidential. However, if you would like reassurance regarding the quality of my translations, I can provide you with a free sample by translating an extract (of approximately 300 words) from one of the documents you have provided. If you are interested in interpreting or language consulting services, I can put you in touch with former clients or colleagues who will happily vouch for my abilities.

Contact me

About me

Mission: To facilitate inter-company communication for European agricultural and food industry businesses.
  • Provider of commercial translation and interpretation from English, German and Spanish into French, since 2002. Self-employed since 2015
  • Member of the French Society of Translators (SFT), abiding by its code of conduct
  • Qualified agricultural engineer and graduate of ESA Angers (Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures d’Angers)
  • Extensive knowledge of specialist terminology following ten years in the food and agricultural industries
  • Excellent command of technical English (five years of career spent in English speaking countries)
  • Diploma in German achieved from the Goethe Institut in 2000. Tutor of German since 2016
  • Expert level of proficiency in French spelling, recognized by the 'Certificat Voltaire', achieved in 2016
  Social economy As a member of Ouvre Boîtes 44, a business and employment co-operative, I contribute to funding the training and development of many other small businesses within the co-op. This contribution increases the more revenue I generate. Therefore, by choosing to work with Agro Formula you help to foster growth and development among small european businesses. Useful links French Society of Translators: Ecole Supérieure d’Agriculture Angers Loire: Linkedin profile: in Goethe Institut: French spelling certification: Ouvre Boîtes 44 Co-op: